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John Payne, John Sparks, Bob Gane, Ray Perriam and Geoff Wythe purchased an old Whitbread dray at the Peterborough show auction in March 2009 and are restoring and painting it so it can be used to give rides again.

This dray was originally a dray used for delivering beer around the City of London and made into a rides dray at the Whitbread hop farm.
It was bought from Whitbread by Banham zoo who used it for a number of years to give rides around the zoo.

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John Sparks cleaning the grease off the wheels

Jolly Boys Dray 010

John Payne filling in the splinter bar ready
for the undercoat

Jolly Boys Dray 011

Bob Gane sanding the splinter bar

Dray 2

The top of the dray and dickie seat with the undercoat
on. Geoff Wythe having a break with a cup of tea.

BBQ & Dray 012
BBQ & Dray 007
BBQ & Dray 011

John Sparks tightening wheel nuts after painting wheel.

John & Bob Under dray
John Tightnening Wheel

Transporting the dray back from Banham Zoo

Bob Gane and John Payne finishing the red paint on the underneath of the dray

Under dray

The dray standing in the auction at Peterborough


How the dray looked when we
first bought it back in March 2009

Fore Carriage 002