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    Hertfordshire Heavy Horse Association
  Established September 1993
  Terms and Conditions

1 Foundation

1.1 The Association was founded on the 15th September 1993 at Hillside Farm, Great Amwell, Hertfordshire.
1.2 The Association shall be called “ Hertfordshire Heavy Horse Association.

2 Objectives

2.1 The objective of the Association are as follows:-
  Promotion of the heavy horse, its presentation, handling and working, education of the heavy horse owners and
  interested supporters with the special emphasis on the younger generation, provision of forum for all like minded
  people to further their enjoyment of the Heavy Horse, at an affordable subscription rate
3 Constitution
3.1 An Annual General Meeting (AGM) shall be held each February and will be chaired by the President.
3.2 The following committee will be elected at the AGM.
  Chairman, ( shall hold office for a period up of to 3 years )
  Honorary Secretary ( shall hold office for a period of up to 3 years )
  Honorary Treasurer ( shall hold office for a period of to 3 years )
  Committee Members – not exceeding 8 in number ( elected ) annually )
3.3 The president shall hold office for a period o 1 year and will be elected at AGM.
3.4 The committee shall have the power, when deemed necessary, to co-opt or elect members of the following:-
  To act in an official capacity when involved with special tasks, events and function
  To replace committee members who relinquish their office.
3.5 Every adult paid up member shall be eligible to hold office and vote at the AGM.
3.6 There shall be a quorum of 20 members at a AGM and 5 committee members at a committee meeting.
3.7 Any person wishing to stand for election to the committee must have a minimum of one year’s Association membership.
4 Membership

4.1 Membership of the Association shall be open to all upon payment of the relevant subscription .

  Adult annual : £15-00, Joint : £22-50, Junior : £2-50 (Under 16), Life Membership £200, Joint Life £300
  New members joining halfway through the year shall pay half membership fee then a pro rata

4.2 The subscription rate shall be subject of review in later years.
4.3 Any member bringing the Association into disrepute may, at the discretion of the committee, be expelled.

5 Financial Accounts

5.1 The financial year shall be the 1st January to 31st December.
5.2 The honorary treasurer will provide quarterly statement of accounts to the committee members and audited statement
  of accounts at the AGM.
5.3 As funds accrue, they shall be invested as agreed by the committee until needed to promote events and functions.
5.4 Surplus funds may be used for charitable purposes decided by the committee.
5.5 Two signatures from the Association officers i e Chairman, Honorary Treasurer or Honorary Secretary shall be on
  every cheque issued by the Association.

6 Meetings

6.1 There shall be committee meetings throughout the year. The number will be decided by the committee, but will not
  be less than six meetings.
6.2 There will be members meetings throughout the year, the number will decided by the committee, according to demand.
6.3 Members may bring guests to members meetings.

7 Events

7.1 The committee shall organise a programme of events for members, which may include Shows, Parades, Working Days,
  Demonstrations, Presentation, Film Shows, Auctions, Visits and Social Functions.
7.2 For any competitions or shows organised by the Association, a recognised set of rules shall be adopted, particularly
  for ploughing, In-Hand and Turnout classes.
7.3 The Association shall encourage members to co-operate and participate in events organised by other societies of
  similar interests.
7.4 The Association shall promote itself at public events and encourage the interest of the general public in the
  working of the heavy horses.

8 Amendment of Rules

8.1 The rules may be altered or amended at the AGM, or if necessary, at an Extraordinary General Meeting.

9 Winding Up

9.1 In the event of the Association winding up for whatever reason the Association may be dissolved by a majority
  vote at an Extraordinary General Meeting.
9.2 Any surplus funds after a final audit, shall be transferred to one or more charitable institutions having
  objectives reasonably similar to those here in this constitution.
9.3 The minutes and books of the accounts shall than be lodged with one of the officers for whatever time necessary
  by the committee.

HHHA amendment 4 July 2010